I’ve been  addicted to yarn since I can’t remember when. My drug of choice is Wool. Silk. Yak. Cashmere. All the lovely colors and the entire tactile and visual experience of knitting and creating is my only high. I want all the things and I want them now!  Knitting and other crafty hobbies not only keep your hands and mind busy but they release endorphins in the brain and make you happy! Crafting soothes the soul, brings people together and is good for many social disorders as well as depression.


This collection is in no way aimed at promoting the use of narcotics and not intended at all to hurt or offend those who suffer from addiction in any form.  If you do suffer from any type of addiction I encourage you to learn a fiber related hobby. I have taught to recovery groups in my local area and intend to have some beginning knitting videos up on YouTube eventually, to  further reach out to  people who aren’t in my area who struggle with addiction.