Brain Fog and Brain Freeze

Brain Fog and Brain Freeze

  • $ 48.00

A Collaboration between myself and Inked Sheep Fibers has ended in the Brain Fog & Freeze Duo of awesome that you see before you. When we originally set out to do this we had no idea what would happen. Inked Sheep Dyed the Brain Freeze and I tried to compliment her skein with a little Brain Fog.... Fog and Freeze can both be cured by a cup of warm coffee...just saying...

Sold as a set and there is no way around that...

Brain Fog is dyed on:

Hella-Soft Sock:
438 yards. Sock weight. 100g skeins.
100% Superwash Merino 
Machine Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry. 

Brain Freeze is dyed on:

SW Merino 80% Nylon 20%

400 yards.. 3 ply fingering.