Bitch Fire

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Several months ago it was brought to my attention that a fellow indie dyer was accusing me of duplicating her color in a social media forum that I do not have access to and where I am unable to defend myself.  That alone really didn't bother me. Some indie dyers are quick to accuse others of copy cat fuckery and in my opinion its all just a bunch of shit. There are only so many ways to reinvent the wheel and with popular color combinations floating around on Pinterest and changing with the seasons there are going to be similarities. That being said when I was continuing to get messages and screen shots from friends and customers who were able to see what was going on it began to annoy me.  The indie Dyer claims that my Bad Ass color is copy of one of her colors. Let me start by saying that  Bad Ass has been around longer than I have been selling it online, people don't know that I never used to have an online presence. I sold my painted wares out of my own yarn shop and then to other yarn shops before I really ever sold online for myself. but whatever. Second this Indie Dyer never made one single attempt to contact me and voice her concerns. Had she done so I would have felt just awful had I thought that I was hurting another person, not to mention a fellow dyer and artist. I would have explained where and how my color originated and if that didn't ease any pain I would have even stopped creating the color. Again no contact from this person was ever made to me and I am easily reached via several, facebook, instagram, etsy, Pinterest. I'm on them all.  Still I was unbothered by just the mere accusation. It wasn't until I read the screenshots from conversations that I became bothered. I was being attacked personally. My personal appearance, and my character among other things were laid to waste. Not to mention my Bad Ass color was called a shitty interpretation of her color. Not only was it just one indie dyer but several other dyers were chiming in. None of whom have ever tried to contact me. Now did this hurt me professionally? Absolutely not. I have a loyal yarny following and no one has really been the wiser. But it has bothered me personally forever. Many of you who know me know that I often vent through yarn and this is no different. Now I could have handled this a number of ways. I could have ignored it all together, which obviously isn't working for me, I could have rained bitch fire down on this dyer and her indie dyer friends in my own social media platforms showing screenshots of their hurtful comments and the comments of others but I didn't do that. I could have contacted the dyer. I even thought about doing so, but I wasn't granted that professionalism so after much thought I decided against that as well. You are looking at what I've decided to do. Apparently I am not over the insult even though I know its silly. Personally I just can't believe that a fellow professional would behave so unprofessionally. I am known for being snarky, yes but I am also know for being kind, and helpful and giving. A two minute email to me would have afforded them that knowledge and this would never have come to pass. With all that said if I truly wanted to intentionally copy someone else's color I certainly wouldn't settle for a "shitty dye job" I'd dye the shit out of it... and....I'd do it better. You see the reason dyers accuse others of copy cat bullshit is because they are too lazy to be better, to think out side the box, to work harder. They'd rather point fingers and ruin what someone else has because it's easier than working harder.  Some of you will know exactly what I am talking about and rejoice that I've done this, Some will know exactly what I'm talking about and run to tell the indie dyer that Im speaking of and her friends, others won't have a clue and won't care, and some will never even read this. For some this picture of Bitch Fire is just another pretty skein of yarn and it won't matter to them that it was born because my feelings were hurt and I was unable to overcome it. Don't be like me people, instead do what the flowers do and always keep your face to the sun.

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Pixie Toes Sock:
463 yards. Sock weight. 100g skeins.
75% Superwash Merino/ 25% Nylon 
Machine Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry. 

Mermaid Mischief DK:
246 yards. DK weight. 100g skeins.
75% Superwash Merino/ 20% Nylon
Machine Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry.