I think a cat shit in my mouth (Read before you buy!)

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Caution!!! Read this whole damned thing so you know what you’re getting... or not getting!
You can’t buy this yarn. What you can do is read my blabbering about why this yarn is here:
A lot of conversations have been had lately between myself and various different people. My family, friends, my children,  customers and extended yarn family with in my own knitting community that I created. I’ve heard a lot of statements exactly like or similar to: “All Lives Matter”. This one statement leaves a shitty taste in my mouth. Like bitter ole beans or what I imagine cat shit would taste like. Really? “All Lives Matter”?! Well here’s what I have to say about that....

No Shit!!! I mean duh. Of course all lives matter. For fucks sake. Everyone who isn’t a complete douche canoe knows that all lives matter. But when you say that In the face of a movement centered on our black community when they are trying to protest and create education, awareness and support for THEIR lives....well you’re like the kid who comes to the party and shits in the pool. For fucks sake!! Stop shitting in the pool! 
I have done several yarns to help raise funds for various cancers over the years. I’ve named them all Fuck Cancer. Last year when I raised money for breast cancer awareness no one blasted me for not giving a shit about ALL cancers. Why? Because it’s a given that all cancers matter. They all suck. Fuck them all. But at that moment I was focused on breast cancer and that’s ok. No one said boo shit to me about it. I did get some hate for creating a whole bewbie collection to raise money but the hate wasn’t because I was only raising funds for one type of cancer. It was because of my frequent use of the word Bewbie... go figure. This situation is no different. 
Our  black community KNOWS all lives matter. They CARE about all lives. But right now in this moment they are asking for help for THEIR lives. So stop shitting in their pool, for the love of mohair!!  And that’s all I have to say about that. 
this yarn is here because maybe you don’t know how to stand in the gap. Maybe you’ll go off now and educate yourself. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll donate to this cause by sending funds to Black Lives Matter Global Network or another cause that’s you feel worthy. There are several out there including some on how to educate your children about racism. Or maybe you’ll add this yarn to your cart. Just know though, that if you do I WILL NOT BE SHIPPING YOU THIS YARN, what I will do is take the money that you spent on this cat shit yarn and sent it off to the cause myself. I can’t stress this enough. I’m NOT doing a cause yarn like My Fuck Cancer yarns. I’m not doing collaborations or any such thing. You won’t get this yarn. You won’t get anything! I’ll donate YOUR money for this yarn. So when you add it to you cart along with anything else this skein will not make it to your house. Your money will go to the Black Lives Matter Global Network.  If you want to donate yourself instead of through me you can do so by copying this link and pasting it into your browser.   https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_blm_homepage_2019

As always  hugs and love and all the shit from me and mine to you and yours