Sugar Skulls Mini Yarnvent Box

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We've created Yarnvent! Similar to an advent calendar...but not! Welcome to the enchanted forest! Here we don't really follow the rules, we make up our own! And don't really follow those either! What is a Mini Yarnvent Box? Well listen up!

I've dyed yarns to go with a specific pattern. This time its Lovebird Lane's Mini Skein Infinity Scarf Recipe. You can look that up on Ravelry... It's a lovely infinity cowl! Now normally in an advent calendar there is a start and end date and blah blah blah, but not here. Here you start and end whenever you want! Knit it all up fast or draw it out! This isn't for Christmas, It's for no reason at all! Except for fun!

In your yarn vent box you'll find enough yarn for the pattern in colors dyed on My Pixie Toes Sock base, to a Sugar Skull theme. One half skein and 9 micro mini skeins for a total of 645 yards! more than  enough for this pattern. Each skein is packaged individually in cute little organza pouches. This time you'll be able to see through them a bit so that you can plan your colors. I will put them in an order that is appealing to me but feel free to switch it up! Each day or whenever you need a new color, you'll open up a little pouch and see what awesomeness awaits! Each little pouch will have a stitch marker in it as well so by the end you'll have a rather large and awesome set or markers with a clip to hold them all together!. your box will also include three other fun sugar skull themed surprises that are awesome! 

All these these little extra will  make your knitting journey more fun and special. 

I have put a lot of work and thought into these little boxes and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

They will all ship out the first week in November.