The Grumpy F🤬cker's Merry F🤬ckmas Mystery Box

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Please for the love of mohair, read this whole damned thing before you buy... for fucks sake. 

Merry Fuckmas you grumpy fucker ....

It’s all I can do, to not want to throw up as I’m  already seeing Christmas decorations and all sorts of holiday crap going up for sale all over the damn place. So in the holiday spirit I’m offering up my annual  Grumpy Fucker's Merry Fuckmas Mystery boxes for the sixth year in a row! 

This would be for crafty fuckers who can’t resist a fucking surprise or for grumpy humbug mother fuckers, who do not delight in taking a stroll through Christmastown whilst holding hands and signing jingle bells and just be warned.

The yarn inside this box will not be all happy green and red and shit. No red and green combos. No no. What it will be is a fucking mystery. If you can’t handle that then don’t buy this shit.

I can tell you that within your box of fuckery, there will be zero cute, tiny or adorable mini skeins. I have had it with those damned things for a bit.

What will it be then you fucking wonder?

The answer : An absolute fucking delight that's what! Within your magic box of grumpy fuckery will live multiple FULL skeins of various bases all containing some blend of fancy fucking silk, camel, yak, merino....all of my favorite bougie shit.

Total yardage for this collection will be 2,435 yards!

Yes that's right folks, this years box is a treat yourself tribute to all things soft and luxurious. Fiber fuse them all together in one giant project, or spread the fuckery about into multiple projects.

This box is a selfish indulgence of shit we wouldn't normally buy because we feel we don't deserve it. well just fuck that I say! We do deserve it and this year I'm keeping a box for myself damn it! 

There might be some other shit in the box, maybe, If you’re fucking lucky.  

Boxes are only being offered in fingering weight this year because I'm an asshole... also none of the yarn will be sparkly. This isn’t Tinseltown for fucks sakes.

This isn't a fucking advent and so your shit will ship sometime around the 13 - 17th of December. Enjoy!

Merry Fuckmas to all and to all a whatever the fuck who cares .... bahhumbug