WWYC Flying Monkeys

  • $ 26.00

For My Stitch It Forward Crew on Facebook. My little band of flying monkeys who have been a constant source of support to each other and to myself and although they are a bit wild and sorta sweary and maybe a little scary at times they are a ton of fun and an unending stream of inspiration to me. Here's to you gang!

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Mermaid Mischief DK:
246 yards. DK weight. 100g skeins.

75%  Superwash Merino/ 20% Nylon
Machine Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry.

Pixie Toes Sock:
463 yards. Sock weight. 100g skeins.
75/25% Superwash Merino/ nylon
Machine Wash Cold. Lay flat to dry  

Glitter Baby Sock:

400 yards.  Single Ply Sock weight. 100g skeins.

95/5% Superwash Merino/ Unicorn Farts (stelina)  

Machine Wash Cold . Lay flat to dry.